Football Manager 2020 feature

Football Manager 2020 releases this November, gets debut trailer

SEGA and Sports Interactive have announced that Football Manager 2020 will release in early November. In order to celebrate this announcement, the publisher released the game’s debut trailer that you can find below.

Football Manager 2020 is the follow up to the record-breaking Football Manager 2019, which is the fastest selling, best-selling, and most played version of the series to date across all of its release platforms. Nine months after its release, more than 60% of the people who have bought the PC/Mac game in its lifetime are still playing it each month.

Miles Jacobson, Studio Director of Sports Interactive, said:

“Football Manager on Stadia includes technology that is only available on that platform, utilising the power of the cloud and Google’s data centres to ensure that more matches can be processed in parallel utilising spare bandwidth across the whole system – this means you can have more leagues loaded into your save, or just go for a faster experience by keeping the amount of leagues the same, but having the matches process quicker than you can on any other platform.”


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