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Far Cry gets a 5GB AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack, available for download, comparison screenshots

Now here is something that passed under our radar. A while back, modder ‘Zeneric’ released an AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack for the first Far Cry game. Zeneric used Topaz’s A.I. Gigapixel and ESRGAN in order to improve the quality of textures by four times.

This pack is 5GB in size and enhances almost every texture. The pack also comes with upscaled bump, displacement, and normal maps.

To run this HD Texture Pack, players will need the unofficial FarCry patch 1.505. The modder also suggests using SilentPatch FarCry. These patches fix bugs (such as missing water reflection), and enhance graphics (such as textures looking better).

In order to install the pack, you’ll have to follow this guide:

  • Install Unofficial FarCry Patch (required), and SilentPatch FarCry (optional) – in that order.
  • Create “Mods” folder in FarCry folder (if “Mods” folder doesn’t exist).
  • Extract “FarCry_Upscaled_v0.9.8.7z”.
  • Put “FCUpscaled” folder in FarCry\Mods\ folder – like this “D:\FarCry\Mods\FCUpscaled”.
  • put “system.cfg” file in FarCry\ folder and replace.
  • put “ZZZScripts150.pak” file in FarCry\FCData\ folder and replace. I modified ZZZScripts150.pak from Unofficial FarCry Patch 1.505 to get save/load system with FarCry Upscaled enabled working.

Zeneric has also shared some comparison screenshots between the vanilla and the modded textures. As we can see, the new textures look sharper, though the visual differences are not that huge. Still, this is the best we’ll ever get to a proper remaster of the first Far Cry game.

Now while purists will find this HD Texture Pack interesting, I’m more excited about FarCry Reloaded and the Fan Cry Remake in CryEngine 5.

But anyway, you can download this AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack for Far Cry from here. Kudos to our reader ‘s_fnx’ for bringing this to our attention!