Far Cry 4 targets a Q1 2014 release, AC4: Black Flag being developed by 11 ubisoft studios

Now this is a nice surprise. Back in February, NeoGAF’s member ‘kaysee’ revealed some inside information about Ubisoft’s future plans. According to kaysee, the French company is already working on Far Cry 4 that targets a Q1 2014 release and there are 11 Ubisoft studios working on the fourth part of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.
As kaysee said back in February:
“What i did say about ubi and AC was that the next title was ( and this was before anything leaked)black flag or golden age. Edward haytham was the main character. Would have co op and captain kidd would make an appearance. I also said that rayman legends and r6 patriots ( not ghost recon) would come to vita.

What i meant regarding to vita was that liberation was coming to psn/xbla.

And here is some new info. Black flag is being developed by 11 ubisoft studios. The next title in the franchisee is code named unity. Far cry 1 hd is coming soon. Far cry 4 is targeting q1 2014 release and ubi have a new nexgen ip in the works titled the crew.”

We don’t usually report on rumors, but this person is someone we can trust. Kaysee has predicted everything regarding Assassin’s Creed IV in the past, and he has also predicted the HD re-release of the first Far Cry. Not only that, but kaysee was right about Ubisoft working on a new IP for next-gen platforms, called The Crew.
To put it simple; this is trustworthy source as most – if not all – of his predictions have been confirmed as facts.
Naturally, Ubisoft has not commented on anything yet, but we can be sure that Far Cry 4 will be appearing on next-gen platforms.