Far Cry 4 – New Details Unveiled – Map Size, Extreme Mode, Multiple Endings

During Gameinformers’s latest Far Cry 4 podcast, the creative director of FC4 Alex Hutchinson answered a lot of questions from GI’s readers. Hutchinson revealed new information about the map size, a possible extreme mode, the game’s splitscreen and MP modes, as well as some new gameplay details.

NeoGAF‘s member ‘sjay1994’ has done an incredible job listing them. Those interested can listen to GameInformer’s podcast here.

We’ve also included a new trailer for Far Cry 4 that was released yesterday.


-The map size is relatively the same square footage of Far Cry 3’s rook island, however due to the mountainous regions, the map is far more dense than FC3.
-The team behind Far Cry views the games as more of a series than a franchise, as it doesn’t need to worry about narrative baggage. This factors in to what Dean Evans and his team are doing. It might not be blood dragon 2, but rather something unexpected
-When asked about temperature, Hutchinson said he would love to make an extreme far cry game akin to what the modding community might come up with. His ideas were you get hypothermia when in cold water, you contract diseases when certain animals bite you, permadeath, etc. However, the main game doesn’t have anything to do with these hardcore options, the team might consider making a mode for it if there is interest.
-No sharks in FC4…. but there are Demon Fish, and honey badgers.
-Thin air is a factor in some mountainous areas. You need to have oxygen in these areas, and you do not have much of it.
-There is an avalanche setpiece in the game, but players can not trigger them freely.
-When a player buys the PS4/PS3 version of FC4, they will get around 10 tickets called “Keys to Kyrat”,that you can give to friends. They will be able to download a limited version of FC4 that has all the co op content and everything but the single player content. They will only be able to play the limited version if you are playing the main version of FC4. Hutchinson is not sure, but Sony might implement a time box.
-No splitscreen co op.
-There is a competitive multiplayer in FC4. No details were given. The team views FC3 mp as unsuccessful, but are using lessons they learned to hopefully build a fanbase with FC4’s mp.
-You will unlock the wingsuit pretty early into the game
-In some of the games cinematics, players can interupt them with actions, however they player will not have a prompt to do so. These will be hidden. This was made to address Far Cry 3’s QTE boss fights. Also, it sounds like there are no QTE’s in FC4.
-You can throw grenades through enemy car windows while you are driving, and drive away
-Flame spreading still in FC4.
-Hutchinson had lots of ideas to use poop as a weapon, like using it to coat arrows to make poison… team said no.
-You can turn off the HUD, and each element of the UI, like XP feedback, etc. Designed with the next gen consoles sharing features in mind.
-There are multiple endings, but they are less clear than far cry 3, so not press LT for good ending, RT for bad.
-You can pick sides with the different factions, and this will effect relationships with different characters, and can effect the endings.
-You can reset outposts, but the team is giving a narrative reason for it.

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