Ex-Elder Scrolls & Ultima Online Developers Form Citadel Studios, Announce Shards

Citadel Studios, a new independent video game development company focusing on multiplayer role-playing games for PC, announced today Shards. According to the press release, for the past six months Citadel has been heads down working on their first project, codenamed “Shards,” and has released a teaser trailer that can be viewed below.

With Shards, Citadel is taking inspiration from their previous work on the grandaddy of RPGs,Ultima Online – they’re creating a truly next-generation online game that will enable players to customize their experience, and change the face of player collaboration forever.

Citadel was founded by game industry veterans Derek Brinkmann, Chris Ondrus and Tim Cotten, whose collective credits range from RPG classics like the Elder Scrolls series, Ultima Online, Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online, to AAA titles in the NASCAR and Madden franchises.

Derek, Chris and Tim have seen online games evolve from their earliest days through the introduction of free-to-play, mobile, MOBAs and other modern multiplayer genres. With a full understanding of the genre’s history and modern development, Citadel’s goal is to create something like nothing else on the market.

Derek Brinkmann, founder and CEO of Citadel Studios, said:

“We left our soul-crushing, corporate jobs to make the games we’d actually play. As we started our first project and experimented with concepts, we discovered ways we could share our passion for creating living worlds with gamers themselves. Ultimately the community will dictate what Shards becomes, because we’re not just providing a game but also a platform for players to express their creativity.”

Set in a richly-imagined universe with deep lore and environments ranging from the familiar to the surprising, Shards will give players more power than ever before, without constantly asking them to take out their wallets.