ArmA 3 – Third & Final Single-Player Free DLC Campaign Releases On March 20th

Bohemia Interactive announced today that the third and final SP DLC for ArmA 3, Win, will be released on March 20th and – as with its previous parts – will be free to all owners of the military sim title.

According to the press release, Tte final act follows the situation as it escalates further, with NATO forces in the Mediterranean on the brink of all-out war.

On top of the campaign missions, the ‘Win’ package also features the much-anticipated A-164 Wipeout and To-199 Neophron aircraft, a new fixed-wing showcase mission, the Tempest transport truck, and two additional points of interest on Altis.

Arma 3’s Creative Director Jay Crowe said:

“The final installment of our campaign gives players the chance to experience combat on a larger scale than we’ve seen so far. Tactical freedom – together with big, combined arms engagements – is at the heart of Episode 3’s gameplay, as we follow Ben Kerry’s story to its conclusion.”