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EVGA won’t be making any future NVIDIA GPUs, NVIDIA responds

According to numerous reports, EVGA won’t be making any future NVIDIA graphics cards. According to GamersNexus, EVGA took this decision due to how it’s being treated by NVIDIA. In other words, EVGA’s CEO Andrew Han claims that NVIDIA treated EVGA badly, unfairly, and without a lot of respect.

EVGA will continue to provide support for the existing current generation products, and will continue to provide the current generation products. So, assuming you bought an EVGA GPU yesterday, you’ll still be covered by its 3-year warranty. Furthermore, EVGA does not plan to start manufacturing Intel or AMD GPUs.

Steve from GamersNexus goes into more details about EVGA’s decision to stop making NVIDIA GPUs, so be sure to watch his video.

EVGA Terminates NVIDIA Partnership, Cites Disrespectful Treatment

NVIDIA responded to this with the following statement (thanks PCGamer).

“We’ve had a great partnership with EVGA over the years and will continue to support them on our current generation of products. We wish Andrew [Han] and our friends at EVGA all the best.”

From the looks of it, both EVGA and NVIDIA do not plan to reconsider their decisions. So yeah, don’t expect to see any future EVGA GPUs anytime soon!