Judgement feature

This mod enables NVIDIA DLSS in Judgment & Lost Judgment

A few days ago, SEGA released Judgment and Lost Judgment on PC. As we’ve already reported, these two Yakuza games only support AMD’s FSR 2.0 AI upscaling tech. However, there is now a mod that allows you to replace FSR 2.0 with NVIDIA’s DLSS.

This is the exact opposite of what we’ve seen with other games that only support NVIDIA’s DLSS and not AMD’s latest FSR version, like Cyberpunk 2077.

So basically, all you have to do is download this mod and place all of the files in the game’s main folder. Then, you’ll have to set the in-game FSR 2.0 preset to your preferred DLSS setting. (all DLSS presets correspond 1:1 to the FSR 2.0 presets. By doing this, RTX owners can get better performance and image quality as DLSS is currently better than FSR 2.0.

Do note though that changing the resolution or the DLSS mode will break the mod. As the modder noted.

“Always change the resolution before you enable this mod. If you accidentally change the resolution afterwards, you will have to restart the game to continue playing.”

Have fun!