Epic Games shows off PC-related ‘thing’ to Nvidia rep: “that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen”

Epic Games
Now that’s more like it; after the amazing tressfx technique that was unveiled a while back by AMD, we kind of wondered what Nvidia’s next move would actually be. And it seems that the green team will be working closely with Epic Games for ‘something’. That, or Epic Games is teasing some new PC technique (that will be supported by both Nvidia and AMD). Point is that ‘something’ is coming on the PC frontier by Epic Games, and it seems that Nvidia was impressed with it.
Mark Rein, CEO of Epic Games, spilled the beans a while ago. As the chief of Epic Games revealed, Nvidia’s rep was utterly impressed with what Epic Games showcased to him. In fact, the Nvidia rep was so impressed that went ahead and admitted that “that’s the greatest thing I’ve ever seen.


Naturally, some gamers began wondering what the hell Rein was talking about, and one of them asked him whether that ‘something’ was related to PC gaming or not. Mark Rein responded and said that it was something related to PC gaming.
Mark Rein went ahead and stated that this was not the most significant thing Epic Games showed Nvidia’s rep today.
The question now is what Epic Games is up to. We know that the company is currently working on Fortnite, that it will be powered by Unreal Engine 4 and that it will be released on the PC. Was Rein talking about a new technique? Or perhaps a new game? A new tech demo perhaps? Figures.
Let’s hope that Epic Games will unveil what it has been working on during the upcoming GDC event, so stay tuned for more!