The Elder Scrolls Online Beta Starts At The End Of March, Game Client Will Be 20GB In Size

The Elder Scrolls Online
Bethesda has revealed today that the beta phase of The Elder Scrolls Online will be launching at the end of March. The big publisher has posted a Q&A article for this upcoming MMORPG, in which it states that a small beta test was completed on February 28th, and that the big push for its beta phase will start at the end of this month.
In addition, Bethesda unveiled that in the beginning of the beta program, invitations will be for scheduled play sessions. This means that the game will only be available for play during specific times.
If you are selected, you’ll have to download a client that weights around 20GB in size. As Bethesda suggested, the invitation will include a download link for the game client and since you should expect a download size of around 20GB, it will be best to start downloading as soon as you receive your invitation.
Beta testers will be asked to complete surveys and submit feedback and bugs in-game as they play, and they may be asked to participate in additional surveys once the in-game portion of the test has concluded.
The Elder Scrolls Online beta registrations are still open, so make sure to register if you’re interested in participating in its beta phase.
The Elder Scrolls Online - Gameplay Trailer