DX12 versus DX11 – Over 100fps Difference on Unreleased GPU in New Test, “Way beyond Console Stuff”

Over the past few days, Stardock’s CEO, Brad Wardell, has been tweeting some really interesting details about DX12. As Brad Wardell noted, in a recent test he saw over 100fps difference between DX11 and DX12. This test was conducted on an unreleased GPU and as Wardell claimed, this performance boost was on a system that was ‘way beyond console stuff’.

As Brad Wardell tweeted a few days ago:


Wardell then answered a number of questions regarding this performance boost and the PC setup he used. As he claimed, he used a Crossfire system with an Intel Core i5 CPU AMD CPU (though the accurate model was not revealed).

While conducting this new test, Wardell said that he was “moving around the camera and the unit AI was doing the rest.”

When a fan asked Wardell whether his PC setup was close to Xbox One’s specs (in order to probably get an idea of the performance boost console gamers will get with DX12), Wardell replied that his machine was way beyond consoles.


Now while we don’t know the specifications of that Crossfire system that Wardell used (especially regarding the graphics cards that have been used), we do know that DX12 will further boost performance on multi-GPU setups.

When a fan asked some of the benefits of DX12, Wardell replied and said:


Microsoft, Stardock and many other developers will reveal more details about DX12 at this year’s GDC, so stay tuned for more!