Dreamfall Chapters – Engine Updated To Unity 5.2, Brings Massive Performance Improvements

Red Thread Games has released a new update for Dreamfall Chapters that upgrades its engine from Unity 4.6 to Unity 5.2. This upgrade to the latest version of Unity brings massive performance improvements to the game, as well as graphical/visual improvements.

As Red Thread Games’ Ragnar Tørnquist wrote:

“It’s hard to say exactly how much of a performance increase players will see, but in informal, internal tests?—?along with several reports from beta testers?—?the frame-rate has increased by a factor of 50–200%, while simultaneously doubling the distance at which shadows are drawn, and allowing more users to enable the ‘awesome’ setting, along with other visual effects.”

Users reported gaining a lot of FPS by simply updating the game to its latest version, something that reflects those statements.

Ragnar concluded:

“Texture materials?—?such as reflective metals, leather, water, cloth?—?look more realistic, and the lighting is objectively better across most scenes. In some cases, the differences are minor and the improvements subtle; in others, there’s a literal world of difference.”

And here are the key features of this latest update for Dreamfall Chapters:

  • Engine upgrade to Unity 5.2. This upgrade should improve performance and stability for most users
  • Windows 64-bit version. Players with 64-bit OS and more than 3GB of RAM will experience fewer crashes and better performance. We strongly encourage Windows 32-bit users to upgrade to a 64-bit OS
  • New notification system for important choices and consequences
  • Numerous bug fixes and game tweaks, based on player feedback
  • Enlighten support. This affects the lights and shadows in all scenes, along with material and shader fixes
  • In-game bug report tool. Note that this tool may be removed in future versions of the game

Thanks RPS!