Doom Eternal Update 6.66 will add Horde Mode, will overhaul Battlemode

Bethesda and id Software have announced that Update 6.66 for Doom Eternal will release this Fall. This Update will add the promised Horde Mode, and will overhaul the matchmaking system of BATTLEMODE.

Going into more details, thE Hoder Mode is a fast-paced gauntlet pitting players against waves of demons as they compete for the best score. As you battle through the demons’ forces, high priority targets will be marked, challenging players to eliminate them expediently for a massive score bonus. As you play and improve your rankings, you will unlock more content (and challenges), offering a replayable experience and more dead demons than you can shake a Meathook at.

However, and if you can’t wait until this patch releases, you can go ahead and try this Horde Mod.

BATTLEMODE will be also getting a major overhaul with an improved matchmaking system. This new system will take your win streaks into account, meaning more matches with similar players. Moreover, id Software will implement several other enhancements to improve your experience in the arena.

Lastly, Update 6.66 will bring Stronghold; an all-new BATTLEMODE arena for you and your friends to duke it out online. It will also include two new Master Levels for players to test their mettle: World Spear and Mars Core.

Stay tuned for more!