DOOM 4 Vanilla 2.0 mod for Doom, Doom 2 & Final Doom released; adds 8 new weapons

Last month, we informed you about a gameplay mod for Doom, Doom 2 and Final Doom, called DOOM 4 Vanilla. DOOM 4 Vanilla is basically a demake of Doom 2016 that brings all of its all of its enemies and weapons to the classic Doom shooters. And a few days ago, the modder released a new major update for it.

Version 2.0 adds 8 optional weapons that can be individually picked to replace the regular ones. Moreover, it introduces a number of tweaks and aesthetical improvements to the game.

Going into more details, this update adds a new frame animation for Baron of Hell, and two frames to BFG9000. It also adds a new idle animation to the Chainsaw, and some blue spots for the Plasma Rifle. Moreover, this update allows Hell Razers and Cacodemons to be gibbed (Cacodemons will explode).

You can download the DOOM 4 Vanilla 2.0 mod from here. Below you can also find its complete changelog, as well as a new trailer for it.

Have fun!

DOOM 4 Vanilla 2.0 Release Notes


  • A new frame animation for the Baron of Hell. Now it looks more he is jumping like the one from Doom 2016. Also, his jumping animation was reworked to look better and smoother.
  • BFG 9000 have two new frames of animation and was also reworked to look smoother and more powerful.
  • XDeath (gibbing animation) was improved with more blood and particles.
  • Chainsaw have a new idle animation (the old one still can be seen when switching to another weapon). When walking + attacking, the weapon will smoothly align to the center of the screen.
  • Added some blue spots for the Plasma Rifle
  • Fists will do a very slight movement when switching weapons
  • Hell Razers and Cacodemons can be gibbed (Cacodemons will explode)
  • Better compatibility with TNT and Plutonia textures (brightmaps)
  • Fixed the skies not being replaced on TNT
  • Better compatibility for the pwad 3 houres d’ agonie 3
  • Added the correct posture for the fists – thanks @Zodomaniac
  • BFG now have a slower movebob (don’t affect gameplay)
  • Non-explosive barrels are now black
  • The pistol now have his own pickup sprite


  • Added the new optional weapons
  • Weapon switching is even faster
  • The Baron of Hell was nerfed a bit
  • The Baron of Hell have a new pain-activated move that goes right to the lunge attack
  • Changed the SS replacer from a possessed to a sergeant
  • Hell Razer will attack a bit more faster
  • Hell Razer beam can go a lot further now (I reduced the limit)
  • Cacodemon quick-retaliation is 1 frame faster
  • Rockets are 1 tic faster
  • Chainsaw was slighly rebalanced again
  • Gore Nests are a little less durable
  • Gore Nests will hurt you if you try to block Lost Souls with your body


  • Cleaned up the WAD file from junk and unused assets
  • Added the improved ipxsetup.exe