Doom 3 Source-Code Coming Later This Year For Free

Wow, John Carmack caught us off guard today. Days ago, we posted some mind-blowing screenshots of Doom3 and today we are happy to report that its source code will actually get released this year… for free. Yeap, you read that right. That’s what the programming God of iD Software revealed moments ago in QuakeCon 2011.
Moreover, Zenimax has been supportive of the process, and Carmack has challenged other game developers to release their old source-code’s too. Carmack believes that the release of old source-codes will really help the development community.
And damn, he is right. Imagine what the indie teams and small individuals can accomplish with the Doom3 engine. This is a big day for the gaming industry and kudos to Carmack for deciding to release the source-code.