The past, the present and the future of Bungie

I know, I know. Most PC gamers hate Bungie and its Halo series. Well I adore them. I still remember, back in the Voodoo 2 days, when Halo’s first images were released and was speechless. I still remember when Oni was released. And I still remember when the astounding E3 2000 trailer of Halo was out and our jaws dropped to the floor.
So here is an one hour video that covers the past, the present and the future of Bungie. The video also features insight from the team – including their ever illusive Creative Director, Jason Jones – and interviews from key industry veterans and luminaries. “O Brave New World” is both a celebration of Bungie’s legacy and a love letter to the community of gamers who have embraced Bungie’s games for two incredible decades.
Enjoy the video!