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Dead Island 2 is still under development according to its official Twitter account

Back in 2014, Deep Silver announced the sequel to Dead Island, Dead Island 2. Dead Island 2 was originally developed by YAGER and was powered by Unreal Engine 4. However, a year later, Deep Silver revealed that YAGER was no longer working on it, and that was the last time we heard about this open-world zombie game. Until today.

When a fan asked about the status of this project, the official Twitter account of Dead Island responded and confirmed that the game was still under development, though the team will not show anything until it’s ready.

Back in 2015, Deep Silver stated that it will continue working towards bringing its vision of Dead Island 2 to life, and that it will share further information at a later stage. It’s been almost three years since then and the only thing we got is “we are still working on it“.

It’s also worth noting that the developers of the first Dead Island, Techland, are the ones behind the Dying Light series. Dying Light was way better than Dead Island so it will be interesting to see whether the team responsible for Dead Island 2 will be able to surpass its predecessor and Techland’s upcoming Dying Light 2.