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Cyberpunk 2077 nude mods for Misty, Panam, Judy & Rogue available for download

Modders have released the first nude mods for CD Projekt RED’s latest game, Cyberpunk 2077. These mods introduce nude 3D models for Misty and Rogue, and provide alternative nude models for the main character.

Let’s start with the Rogue Nude Mod. As its title suggests, this mod offers a nude model for Rogue. Options include the Sweater skin, Date skin, and no Cyberware (with caveats).

The other mod replaces Misty’s default outfit with nude model, topless version, and other clothing options.

Fans of Panam and Judy can also use the Appearance Menu Mod to get them naked. This mod changes NPC and vehicle appearances using the Cycle Appearance button (or by selecting a preset from a list).

Lastly, the Nude Model Retextures Mod changes your character and all female NPCs. This is a retexture of the common nude skin for all female characters, and it replaces the shaved look with whatever texture/archive file you pick.

You can find all of these mods on NexusMods. All you have to do is enable the Adult Content from your account settings and search for “nude” (at the link above).

Speaking of Cyberpunk 2077 mods, you may also find interesting the Enhanced Controls Mod or the Audio Overhaul Mod. There is also a third-person experimental mod as well as a Realistic Driving Experience mod. Additionally, you can download a weather mod that replaces sunny weather with several other weather types, and a mod that enables TrackIR.