Crysis 3 CVar Configurator Released – Tweak Graphical Options Extensively, Gain More Performance

Crysis 3 v3
Crysis fans will certainly remember the cvar files, those files which could be further tweaked in order to gain better visuals (or performance) than what could be achieved with Crytek’s in-game graphical options. Thankfully, Crytek has released a CVar Configurator that can be download from here.
This zip file contains two files; a help document by Crytek UK’s Baldur and the configurator.
The help document contains all of the variables and more information about what they do. You can change these files either in-game via the console, or in a ‘system.cfg’ file in your Crysis 3 game directory.
The configurator, on the other hand, requires the .NET 2.0 Framework and lets you simply check a box (instead of messing with the system.cfg file).
We should also note that all of those tweaks can be enabled while you are in-game via the game’s console. PC gamers should also create an autoexec.cfg file in order to override the in-game graphical options. This is by far the best option, as the configurator has some issues at this point.
Users have reported that some options are not working via this configurator. Crytek’s Baldur stated that he’ll take a look at the configurator and will release a new version this Monday.
Kudos to ‘[Chaotic]’ for spotting it!