Crysis 2 SP Continuum Mod Beta Released; Behold the power of CryEngine 3

Remember those mind-blowing carage shots of a Crysis 2 mod that were featured in one of our Weekly CryEngine 3 Galleries? No? Shame on you. Modder Tiesto is developing one of the best SP total conversions of Crysis 2 and has released its beta version. To put it simple; this is the best total conversion of Crysis 2. Hell, it even puts Crysis 2 itself to shame. According to the modder, this is only a beta, thus it does not contain many missions. In fact, the beta features only the Continuum map (all the other maps will be in the final release).
Those interested can download it from here.
Bellow you can view some shots from some of the maps that will be featured in this mod. Enjoy!