Crysis 2 – High Resolution Textures Comparison

Crytek released yesterday the DX11 Pack and a High-Resolution Textures Pack for Crysis 2. These two packages will be enabled with the upcoming 1.9 Patch, but someone has already managed to enable those high-resolution textures. It seems that Crytek didn’t replace each and every texture of the game with a high-resolution version. Instead, the company concetrated on those that were really blury (low-res) and upped their resolution in an attempt to offer a crisper image.
We don’t know whether there was any kind of incompatibility or not, but from what we are seeing in the following screenshots, this High-Resolution Textures Pack from Crytek is nothing really special. In other words, those textures can’t come close to the ones of MaLDo.
The screenshots with the old textures are on your left, whereas the screenies with the updated new high-resolution textures are on your right. Enjoy!