Mind-blowing Crysis 2 Textures from MaLDo – First version of his Texture Pack is out now

This is the way Crytek should have updated their textures. In case you don’t know him yet, MaLDo is a PC modder that has been preparing these past months a Texture Pack for Crysis 2. His first screenshots were mindblowing and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on his Pack. And if you were disappointed with what we’ve shown you in our comparison between Crysis 2 vanilla and its Official High-Res Textures Pack, here is something that will put a smile on your face.
MaLDo has just released the first version of his Texture Pack and you can download it from his Blog. Players will have to use the 1.1 version of Crysis 2. Post 1.1 game versions disable mods but thankfully it’s possible to copy the 1.1 executable file over the 1.8 patched game and everything will be fine.
As MaLDo writes in his blog:
This works in retail dvd version, I can’t test in steam version.

“Add those lines to your system.cfg (important)
r_texturesstreampoolsize = 362
r_texturesstreaming = 1
With texture streaming disabled you will have hiccups. With default value (r_texturesstreaming=2) the pool size is fixed and not enough.
I test this pack with my rig (280GTX sli). 1 gb of vram is enough to play all game at solid 60 fps without hitches (1920×1200 very high). I need feedback of people with 512 mb gpus.”
Enjoy the following comparison shots. Crysis 2 without MaLDo’s textures is on the left, whereas Crysis 2 modded is on the right!