CRYENGINE-powered “Lichdom” Gets Announcement Trailer, Coming On PC In Summer 2014

Lichdom Riftwood Region

During AMD’s GPU event, Xaviant presented its upcoming PC exclusive title, Lichdom, and released an announcement trailer for it. Lichdom is a single-player action adventure intended to introduce gamers to the vast and varied world of Roth where magic is celebrated, feared, and omnipresent.

As the game’s description reads, the game will use a first-person camera but its magic system is designed carefully to deliver a connection to the player’s destructive and manipulative power not found commonly in a ‘shooter.’

“The system driving combat and magic is designed from the ground up to deliver an emergent spell-casting experience in worlds that allows for experimentation and re-playability. The player is trained in the use of these systems through quests tailored to feel seamless with the environment. Hundreds of encounters with the corruption of this world encourage a player to build and test their magic creations. Each new region challenges the player with visceral combat and rewards them with magic of increasingly varied effect. With skill and creativity these abilities can be combined to create organic synergies that unleash far more devastating destruction. All of these systems and stories are designed to deliver an experience unique to each player as they choose how to craft their own mage, own their experience, and rid the world of its demonic corruption.”

Lichdom is powered by CRYENGINE and is planned for a Summer 2014 release, exclusively on the PC.


Lichdom Announcement Trailer