Creative Assembly’s New Warhammer Game Mentioned in New Art Book

A couple of years ago in December 2012, SEGA & Games Workshop announced a licensing deal that would allow SEGA’s famed strategy studio, Creative Assembly — responsible for the Total War franchise — to develop games based upon the Warhammer fantasy universe. At the time of the announcement, many hoped for and even suspected a strategy title on a grand scale, like Total War but steeped in Warhammer fantasy lore. Essentially fans wanted Total War: Warhammer.

Since then SEGA and Creative Assembly have been pretty quiet regarding the exact titles being developed under that licensing agreement. That may soon change.

A Total War Center Forums user received a copy of a Creative Assembly art book due out later this month, early. The art book confirms that some of those assumptions about a strategy title in the same vein of Total War may prove true. The art book features Creative Assembly’s Mike Simpson discussing the state of the Total War series; in that same passage he mentions “taking the series to a fantasy setting with Total War: Warhammer”.

It’s unlikely we’ll hear too much more until after the release of Total War: Attila but given this passage in the art book and with Total War: Attila’s release now just a month away, we might be hearing more in the not too distant future.

Thanks INCGamers.