Counter Strike Condition Zero feature

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Source Engine fan remake beta #3 is now available to everyone

Modder ‘JASONakaBOURNE’ has released a brand new version of his Counter-Strike: Condition Zero remake in the Source Engine. This new beta version adds human gibs (when you do a blast damage to the bot or player ragdoll), spark shower effects (when you hit only metal surface) and blood squirting particles to the ragdoll’s of all classes of Terrorist’s Team.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Source aims to be a full remake of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero to the Source Engine. This basically means that the whole game will be recreated in the Source Engine, and in the final version the modder and his team aim to remake all materials, models, maps and effects.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Source is not the only remake of this iconic game in the Source Engine. Back in December 2017 we informed you about Counter-Strike 1.6: Source. Developed by the same modder, Counter-Strike 1.6: Source aims to bring the 1.6 version of CS to the Source Engine. Both of these mods are already up and running, though from the looks of it they do not support any online functionalities.

Those interested can download this third brand new beta version of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Source Engine remake from here. The modder has also released the three following videos in which he showcases the new features of his mod.