Cliff Bleszinski calls Persson crazy for his suggestions on Psychonauts 2, Persson defends himself

Now this is really interesting. Earlier this week, Markus Persson suggested Double Fine to self fund a sequel to Psychonauts by doing more crowd funding. No, that’s incorrect. Markus said that he’d do exactly that if he was in Tim Schafer’s shoes, so… well… yeah, he suggested that. Anyway, a lot of the press covered it and thought that Markus suggested Double Fine to start a Kickstarter for Psychonauts 2. I mean, that’s one way of how the crowd can fund a game, right? Which is fine by us but it seems that Cliff Bleszinski was annoyed by all this thing.
In a shocking turn of events, CliffyB called Markus crazy for suggesting something like that to Tim Schafer. Cliff included an article from Develop-Online, which stated that Markus suggested Double Fine to kickstart Psychonauts 2. Markus tried to defend himself and said that he did not advise that.
“when the heck did I advise that? Haha. There are other ways to crowd fund, and I only said I would do that”
Cliff Bleszinski then replied and told Persson that he should be aware of the press as they love to ‘modify’ quotes. Develop-Online went ahead and edited the article by replacing the word ‘kickstart’ with ‘crowdfund’.
But why on Earth is Cliff so mad about kickstarting a project? Let’s assume that Persson did imply something like that, what’s wrong with it? Especially when publishers cannot be bothered with funding a project like that. Would Cliff prefer a game to not get released, even with the use of a Kickstarter? Or is he simply affraid that all future indie games will be self/crowd funded?