EA’s special offer with Mass Effect 3 pre-order ends early; no more free copies of BF3 for you

Two days ago, EA announced an amazing offer for all North American gamers. According to the company, those who’d pre-order Mass Effect 3 would be getting a free copy of Battlefield 3’s digital version. The only thing you had to do was add the Mass Effect 3 pre-order to your shopping cart and  a code for Battlefield 3 would be emailed to you by March 8, 2012. Unfortunately – and even though EA has stated that this offer would run until March 5th – this deal is over.
This is really puzzling. Was the demand too high? Did EA shoot themselves in their foot by offering something like that or was DICE annoyed by it? The offer was supposed to run until March 5th, and that was confirmed countless times by EA themselves.
As EA tweeted via the game’s Twitter account:
“The pre-order Mass Effect 3 get a bonus copy of Battlefield 3 is over. All pre-orders made during the deal will receive a code by Mar. 8th.”
So, if you were one of those lucky ones that decided to pre-order it during these past two days, you will receive your code. If you thought you had more time and wanted to purchase it at a later date, then you are out of luck.