Chrono Trigger mod removes its awful and blurry filter

The PC version of Chrono Trigger disappointed a lot of gamers as it was basically a port of the mobile version. Not only that, but the Steam version retained a filter that made it look awful and blurry, and there was no way to disable it. Thankfully, though, a modder has come to the rescue with a mod that disables it.

Jed Lang is the same man who removed the awful bilinear filtering from Final Fantasy VI and his mod for Chrono Trigger does exactly that. Those interested can download it from the following links. Chrono Trigger Defilter is the mod that removes the bilinear filtering, whereas Chrono Trigger Explore is a tool via which you can mod the game.

In order to install the Defilter mod, players will have to extract the zip file into their Chrono Trigger install directory and double-click CT_Defilter.exe. A console window will pop up with most of its info on it. Press <Enter> to continue, and it should patch your game.

So, is everything perfect now? Not exactly as it appears that the game still needs some modding so that it can offer a proper ‘SNES’ feeling. According to the modder, Square Enix used some new sprites for the characters in the mobile/Steam version. The good news, however, is that the Steam version comes with the original SNES sprites. As such, Lang has also released a tool via which modders can replace the game’s sprites.

Do note that this mod will not fix the tiling issues that we’ve noticed in all the official screenshots of Chrono Trigger PC. This is perhaps the biggest issue of it and in order to fix them, modders will have to dump all the art assets from the original game and insert them via CT_Explore. Whether someone is willing to do this remains to be seen.

You can find more details about CT_Explore as well as some additional comparison screenshots on the game’s Steam forum.