Wolfenstein 3D feature

Brutal Wolfenstein 3D Version 5.0 Demo is now available, featuring reworked weapons and sprites

Modder ‘ZioMcCall’ has released a demo for the upcoming 5.0 version of Brutal Wolfenstein 3D. As its title suggests, this mod for Wolfenstein 3D brings the chaos, enhancements and improvements found in Brutal Doom. And it looks retro-amazing.

In this new version, ZioMcCall has¬†reworked all the weapons. As such, all weapons now have different mechanics, new sprites, new sounds and new animations.¬† In addition, the modder has added new sprites for guards, rifleman, SS, Elite SS, Officers, Dogs and Hans Gross, as well as new enemies’ behavior (such as new attacks).

Brutal Wolfenstein 3D version 5.0 also comes with new blood walls decals from Brutal Doom v20b. A new titlemap and a reworked UI have also been added, as well as new sprites for the kick.

It’s worth noting that this demo only features the first episode of Wolfenstein 3D. The entire episode has levels that were remake, featuring different heights, sliding doors, few new areas and more.

Those interested can download the mod from here.

Have fun!

Brutal Wolfenstein v5.0-Five minutes gameplay.