Bioware responds to Anthem’s loot drop controversy with latest update

A few days ago, we wrote that a subset of Anthem players were threatening to boycott the game should Bioware fail to address the unsatisfactory manner in which rare loot items were being dropped. In response, Bioware has since implemented an update for Anthem which increases the chances for players to receive ‘Masterwork’ and ‘Legendary’ loot items.

The momentum for this boycott came via Reddit when user ‘Afinda’ encouraged Anthem players to log out of their accounts after a second loot drop glitch seemingly made the system more rewarding. Many other players expressed their agreement that the game’s true potential was therefore intentionally being held back, and went on to insist that Bioware immediately adjust Anthem to play more like it’s ‘glitched’ state.

Bioware assured the community that their concerns are not falling on deaf ears, and that efforts are being made to address the controversial loot drop system. They have since implemented an update to their servers with significant changes, which means there is no need for players to download a hefty patch.

Effective immediately, the servers for Anthem have already been adjusted so players on Grandmaster 2 and 3 difficulty should already notice Masterwork and Legendary items drop more frequently. The more challenging enemies in the game have also been given a significantly better chance of leaving more valuable loot,  which applies to all levels of player difficulty.

This is one of several upcoming efforts from Anthem’s developers towards integrating player feedback into improving certain aspects of their game. Responding via Reddit, Bioware’s community manager, Jesse Anderson, also expressed his team’s intention to make several other improvements based on player feedback in upcoming months.

You can check out the official update notes by EA here.

Source: Gamespot

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