Anthem players threaten boycott

A Reddit post by user ‘Afinda’ is gaining an astounding level of response after it implored Anthem players to  boycott the game from the eleventh of March until the fifteenth. Much like players who tried to draw attention to the issues For Honor faced at launch, the thread calls for unified action against the scant manner in which the game drops rare loot items, with the expectation that Bioware addresses their concerns immediately.

Ironically, the catalyst for this boycott was due to what Polygon described as the ’11-hour bug.’ This occurred about three days ago where ‘Masterworks’ and ‘Legendary’ loot drops unexpectedly started appearing much more frequently. Unfortunately for players, the mini-cornucopia of rare loot items was promptly patched once Bioware became aware of the glitch.

The problem is that this not only represents the kind of rewards that feel more satisfying for players, it was also the second time that a loot-leaking glitch of this kind happened. If Afinda’s Reddit post is anything to go by, many gamers regarded this as a sign that Anthem’s true gameplay potential is being held back intentionally. In fact, the glitch revealed that more reasonable progression is indeed possible, which in turn implies that the ‘grindy’ nature of some quests is redundant.

Bioware is aware of the players’ discontent with Anthem’s loot drop probability. Chad Robertson, head of Bioware’s live services, has acknowledged the mass online response via Twitter, and assures that his team  will certainly continue to develop the game’s loot drop mechanics alongside player concerns.