Battlefield 4 Rumors – Female characters, platforms, release date, commander role, voice commands

Okay Battlefield fans, time for some rumors about the fourth part of this acclaimed series. ChipHell‘s member ‘Archangel’ has shared some new details about DICE’s upcoming FPS title, details that are said to be coming straight from EA’s chinese team that participated in an internal Battlefield 4 conference. During that conference, the alpha version of Battlefield 4 was showcased and according to the American employees of the chinese department, Battlefield 4 is powered by Frostbite 2 and will stress this engine at 80% (it was said that Battlefield 3 pushed only 30-40% of what the engine is capable of).
Battlefield 4 has a tentative release date of October 23rd, 2013, and is said to come on all platforms, current and next-gen. This means that we’ll Battlefield 4 in PC, PS3, X360, X720 and PS4.
According to EA’s employees, the current-generation version will run at 30fps while the next-generation version will run at 60fps. Next-gen consoles (and PC) will support 64 players on MP, while current-gen consoles won’t be able to support such a feature (and will probably feature 32 players battles). In addition, DICE might introduce an fps cap for the PC version. No reason to worry though, as the cap will be at 100fps. It is also said that DICE won’t introduce a lot of new features, however Battlefield 4 will support tessellation and dynamic lighting.
Voice commands have been confirmed, as well as Commander’s role in MP (with new tools and abilities). Moreover, Battlelog will be improved and the integration of game statistics will be better than ever. The game will take place in modern-day scenarios and it will support video sharing, meaning that gamers will be able to watch videos directly via Battlelog. Cloud storage for stats and such things has also been confirmed.
For the first time ever, Battlefield will support female characters. Three factions will be playable; USA, Russia and China. We should also note that an early demo video of the game was already shown in that EA internal conference.
As always, these are unconfirmed rumors so take them with a grain of salt!