Battlefield 3: End Game DLC Detailed With A New Trailer

Battlefield 3 End Game
Electronic Arts has released a new trailer for Battlefield 3’s last DLC, End Game, in which lead designer Niklas Fegraeus talks through some of the details. Endgame is all about speed, agility and adrenaline — and nothing emphasises these qualities more than the motorbike chases.
There are four new maps for Endgame, and each is themed around a different season. The winter map is Sabalan Pipeline, the summer map — Nebandan Flats – is a hot desert, and the autumn map is called Operation Riverside. The final map, Kiasar Railroad, is a lush, green forest map that symbolizes spring. Aesthetically each map is very different, and they’re all big to allow bursts of speed and long vehicle chases. Sabalan Pipeline is a slightly smaller map that, while still vehicle friendly, is also catered towards infantry combat.
There are two new game modes in Endgame. The first is Capture The Flag, which makes a return for the first time since Battlefield 1942. It’s a classic mode but here it’s given a Battlefield twist with vehicles making it fast and exciting. The other new mode is Air Superiority, where you capture areas of sky represented by blimps in dogfights of up to 12 players versus 12.
This new DLC will be released on March 2nd for PC premium users and on March 4th for all owners of Battlefield 3. Enjoy!
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