Battlefield 3 – DICE is looking into enabling SMAA and FXAA support

SMAA and FXAA injectors are two tools that are pretty much essential to every PC gamer. SMAA injector comes with amazing AA results that do not blur the image, while the FXAA injector comes with options to tweak the HDR effects and saturation/contrast of your games. We’ve showcased some FXAA screenshots but as it was proved, both of these tools might get you banned due Punkbuster.
A lot of gamers have been requesting support for both of these tools and Daniel Matros, DICE’s community manager, has finally revealed that the company is already looking into allowing PC gamers using them.
When a fan asked Daniel for an official word if using SMAA/FXAA injectors will get them PB banned, Daniel responded and said that there is no official word as of yet and that DICE is going “to resume talks right now after the christmas and new year holidays“.
We can’t find any reason for not supporting these tools, so we can safely assume that DICE will officially give the green light in using them!