Author of SkyBoost claims that Bethesda has no interest in boosting/fixing the PC version of Skyrim

A few days ago, we informed you about the latest version of SkyBoost, a CPU performance optimization mod that is based on Arisu’s TESV Acceleration Layer. After the findings of Arisu, we were hoping that Bethesda would acknowledged and fix it in a future patch. Apparently, that’s not the case as Alexander Blade, author of SkyBoost, claimed that Bethesda has no interest in boosting the PC version of Skyrim.
This is really shocking and puts Bethesda in a really weird position. Before jumping to early conclusions, by fixing we are referring to the game’s engine and not to its bugs that have not been addressed as of yet. There is definitely room for more optimization and according to Arisu, the game could gain over 100% boost with the use of an optimizing compiler. Still, Bethesda seems unwilling in acknowledging it and fixing it, yet they are trying to roll out a new DLC. Well, that’s a yellow card our dear Bethesda.
As Alexander wrote at Bethesda’s forum:
“By the way Beth have no interest in boosting pc version of Skyrim , I won’t say who is the source of this info , but thats how it is.”
We’ ve contacted Bethesda and are waiting for an official response, so stay tuned!