Alan Wake PC Patch will hit Steam next week, major fixes for SLI and 3D Vision

Great news for Nvidia users, as Remedy has almost finished the work on their latest update for the PC version of Alan Wake. According to the developers, the third update of Alan Wake PC will come with SLI support and major fixes for Nvidia’s 3D Vision. Unfortunately, the update will not hit Steam this weekend, however there might be a beta version of it later today or tomorrow.
According to Remedy’s Markus, the company has managed to fix stars, sky, sun, moon, shadow issues, volumetric lights, light streaks(flares) and spotlights among other things. This basically means that Alan Wake PC will work better this time around in 3D, though it won’t be perfect. The team also wants to implement proper SLI support to their game and that’s why the patch has been slightly delayed.
Markus has also revealed why CrossFire works without any issues. The biggest issue with SLI was its autoexposure and the team was trying to find a way to make it work with dual GPU. It requires transferring the frame brightness from one frame to another, causing a sync between GPUs which kills SLI scaling, or driver hacks. However, AMD forces it to render on both GPUs and that’s why there aren’t any bugs with AMD’s CrossFire.
All in all, Nvidia users will have to wait a little bit longer.
Stay tuned for more!