Alan Wake PC; Hidden HUD and checkpoint saving system confirmed

Alan Wake PC is slated for a Q1 2012 release and as a result of that, more and more details are hitting the web. So, this past week, Remedy’s Markus confirmed that there will be an option to hide – entirely – your HUD, while the game’s save system will remain the same with the X360’s version, meaning that you’ll rely on checkpoints and that you won’t be able to free save anywhere you want.
According to Markus, Remedy could not implement a new saving system as “there are certain restrictions where you can save in the tech“. For example, Remedy does not track or store the TV shows’ video position in the save. Therefore, a new save system would introduce or expose a lot of new bugs.
On the other hand, the ability to hide your HUD is a nice touch and a welcomed feature. Before jumping to early conclusions though, there will no be any ‘in-between’ options. This means that you’ll either be able to turn on or off the entire HUD and not parts of it.
Alan Wake PC is coming this quarter and Remedy will most probably release a new FAQ for the PC version in the coming days!