COD: MW3 – Spawning to be addressed in the next patch; possible weapon nerfs, fix for ‘Out Of Memory 7’

Robert Bowling has revealed some juicy details about the next patch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. According to Bowling, both spawning and spawn logic will be addressed in the upcoming patch, meaning that the respawns won’t be as bad as in their current state. Moreover, Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games aim to release this patch at the end of this month.
Bowling has also revealed that there are currently no plans to nerf the Recon Drone, while the team is considering nerfing again Type 95 and Striker, and re-balancing shotguns and the FMGs even further. Additionally, both the Assassin and the MP9 won’t be nerfed in the next patch.
One of the most frustrating errors of COD: MW3 is definitely the ‘Out of memory 7’ error. According to Bowling, this is a known issue with files over a certain size and will be fixed in the upcoming patch.
Last but not least, Infinity Ward’s top priorities, for now, are the game’s spawning logic and the Theater Improvements.
This new COD: MW3 is currently slated for a late January release on all platforms!