Alan Wake PC – First patch will address SLI issues and mouse acceleration/smoothing

Alan Wake PC has been released and Remedy is already looking into the various bugs/issues that have not been fixed yet. As we’ve told you, SLI is broken and although Nvidia have stated that they have a proper SLI profile for it, the green team decided to not release it as there are some SLI issues with the game’s engine. According to Remedy’s Markus, the company knows about what needs to be done to resolve those artifacts, but it will some extra time to fix them.
In addition, Remedy is looking into the mouse acceleration/smoothing effects that have bee reported. Markus stated that this slight delay (smoothing effect) is how the game was meant to be. However, Markus acknowledged that some gamers may want a 1:1 directness in their controls, therefore a mode/fix is under the way.
Furthermore, Remedy is looking into the NVIDIA & Tree Flicker issue, the Alt-tab crashes and Launch issues that have been reported, the Controller vibration issue, as well as the some Camera issues.
In other news, Remedy’s Mikki said that the company is very happy with the game’s sales. Alan Wake PC is currently at the second place of Steam’s Top Sellers and will be interesting to see whether or not it will be present in Steam’s weekly digital charts.