Starbreeze admits that it wanted more time with Syndicate, still proud of the end result

If there is one thing we hate in the gaming industry, that’s definitely when publishers are pushing developers hard to hit their deadlines. Publishers should give developers the freedom to create whatever they have in mind, otherwise the end result could turn out to be mediocre, unpolished and horribly rushed out. And it seems that the new Syndicate could suffer from a rushed development as the game’s lead co-op programmer, Lars Magnus Lang, admitted that the company could actually done more if they were given an extra six months.
When asked whether Starbreeze has had enough time to work on Syndicate, Lang said:
“Let me put it this way: I’m really proud of the end result, but I’m not super satisfied. I want to have been able to have done more, but that’s always the feeling you get.”
Ouch. A developer not being super satisfied for his upcoming game that is based on a legendary PC game is a bit worrying, right? Things get worse though as later on, Lang admits that the publisher wanted to get the game out, no matter what.
“Unless someone says, okay, enough, we need to ship it, development will go on and on forever more or less or until everyone gets bored with it. It’s been a long production: it’s good to finally ship it, but at the same time, you always think, if we could have had half a year more, we could have done even more.”
Ouch number 2. Syndicate is currently slated for a February 24th release on current generation consoles and PC.