Alan Wake not coming to PS3 anytime soon; Microsoft gave Remedy the green light for the PC version

We know that a lot of you were wondering whether or not Remedy had acquired the rights of Alan Wake as if they actually did get them back, a future PS3 version would be possible, right? Well, it appears that things are more complicated than that. We also know that PC gamers hate Microsoft for keeping Alan Wake exclusively to X360 this whole time, but what Remedy’s Markus Maki revealed yesterday is quite interesting and sheds some light on this whole thing.
As Markus wrote at Alan Wake’s official forum:
“I would like to make it clear that Microsoft funded the production of the first Alan Wake game, and while they were happy for Remedy to now self-publish on PC it is highly unlikely they would want to see the game on a competing console. While we do own the Alan Wake brand, Remedy doesn’t have rights to publish THE Alan Wake on PS3.”
So, it appears that Microsoft did give Remedy the green light to self-publish Alan Wake PC after all. It’s also pretty clear that Remedy owns the Alan Wake brand, but not the rights to publish it on PS3, meaning that they can’t release the game to whichever platform they want to. What this means at the end of the day is that Alan Wake won’t be coming to PS3 anytime soon and that the PC version exists thanks to Microsoft’s positive stance on this matter. That, or Microsoft has simply decided to give PC gamers a little something and keep Alan Wake: American Nightmare as an X360 exclusive title for another decade. Hooray!
Alan Wake PC is currently slated for a Q1 2012 release!