FlatOut 3 developer accuses MW3 for being a beta game; update with new physics coming next week

Now that’s a bit too much. We’ve been suporting Team 6’s efforts, however, it seems that its CEO has crossed the line with his latest statements. According to Ronnie Nelis, CEO of Team 6, FlatOut 3: Chaos & Destruction is not a beta game like Modern Warfare 3 and many people enjoy it. Wait what? What does Modern Warfare 3 have to do with an indie racing game like FlatOut 3? Go figure.
In attempt to defend their game, Ronnie Nelis claimed that FlatOut 3 “is not a beta (try MW3..), not a full priced game, and many people enjoy and really appreciate it“. Well Ronnie, you should definitely avoid stating something like that as it will come back to you, like a boomerang, in the future. That was not smart at all and Team 6 should focus into polishing and fixing their game.
Moreover, Ronnie revealed that a new update will be rolled out next week for FlatOut 3. This patch will come with new physics and visuals, features that most of those who purchased the game have been requesting this whole time.
Stay tuned for more!