AION – Update 3.0 Test Phase Started

Gameforge and NCsoft are inviting all players to take an exclusive tour around the public test server. Future features, like the housing system or mounts, can be tested and new areas can be entered on this server. All players interested in extensively testing new features and content before the official launch of AION 3.0, can immediately download the English test client from AION’s official website.
After installation you can log in with your existing account data. New characters do have to be created on the test server, however, a strong EXP bonus ensures that all players can quickly benefit from the new content.
Just like in a beta test, the AION team will collect the players’ feedback, therefore improving the quality of the update. This means that the official update may deviate from the test phase. The created characters will not be available anymore at the end of the test phase.
AION is Asian premium game development studio NCsoft’s most successful MMO game and remains one of the most popular titles in Korea. Millions of players all over the world populate the lands and territories of the fantasy world of Atreia. The game has been continually expanded and enhanced with countless updates. Aside from numerous features and functions, this includes standards of the MMO genre such as new instances, interesting reward systems and better level opportunities through quests and innovations. These innovations include the mentor system, in which experienced players help out beginners and both sides profit. AION has been free-to-play since the 29th of February 2012, allowing players to experience the entire game content for free.