AION Free-to-Play comes with Polished Levelling, Better Graphics, and More Challenges

Gameforge has revealed the new features that were implemented in the latest, free-to-play version of AION. According to the company, new features and functions have been added, and some MMO essentials have been adjusted, such as new instances, a better rewards system, more opportunities for levelling up through quests, and innovations such as the mentor system, from which beginners as well as experienced veterans can benefit. In addition, Gameforge released a trailer that shows off those features and can be viewed below.
There are over 3,900 quests waiting for adventure-seekers, some of which were added by NCsoft in the very first patch. These quests are linked by a storyline and help make levelling up enjoyable. Moreover, the cap was raised to 55 in Version 2.0, and the region of Balaurea was introduced into the game.
Version 2.5 also saw a graphics update, something fans had been eagerly awaiting, as well as the introduction of further ways of interacting with Miols. These little companion pets do many things including creating additional space for players’ equipment and independently collecting dropped loot.
Last but not least, the developers are working hard on the upcoming Version 3.0, which will bring with it many new features and is being released in Europe in 2012.
Volker Beonigk, Executive Product Director at Gameforge said:
“Aside from our main focus on moving AION to our free-to-play model, we are also very much looking forward to expanding AION with lots of exciting content. Since its release, AION has consistently been enhanced, and this shall continue to be the case. The new and innovative content in Version 3.0, such as the Housing System and weather effects, will help AION keep its place as one of the highest-rated and most popular MMOs worldwide. Beyond these updates, we will continue to do everything we can to ensure players get a challenging and fun experience from AION for years to come.”