Mass Effect 3 PC – full version will feature higher-resolution textures than those of its demo

A lot of PC gamers were disappointed with the visuals of Mass Effect 3’s demo. Although there were lots of cool effects, the game’s textures were really low-res. As you’d expect, a lot of them expressed their feelings to both BioWare and Electronic Arts. And we are happy to report that BioWare will include higher-resolution textures in the full version of Mass Effect 3 PC.
When a fan asked about the textures of Mass Effect 3 PC, BioWare said:
“When the full game releases, hi-res textures will be built into the game!”
Now don’t expect the kind of textures found in those amazing community packs. Textures will be of higher-resolution, but do not expect mind-blowing differences. Still, the game’s visuals will be better from those of its demo version.
Mass Effect 3 is slated for a March 6th release on the PC and current generation consoles!