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This 10GB AI-enhanced Texture Pack for Skyrim Special Edition overhauls all of its textures

NexusMods’ member ‘Lurker667’ has released a 10GB AI-enhanced HD Texture Pack for Skyrim Special Edition that overhauls all of its textures. Skyrim Textures Upscaled has every texture cleaned and sharpened and roughly 2x in quality (except tintmasks).

Basically, this is a compilation mod combining upscaled textures from Kartoffels, IconicDeath, and Choreese. Going into more details, Lurker667 extracted all the textures from Kartoffels’ Cleaned Skyrim SE Textures, and overwrote them with her Skyrim Special Edition Upscaled Textures, Choreese’s ESRGAN Upscaled Textures, and IconicDeath’s Textures Redone.

The end result is an HD Texture Pack that is around 10GB in size. And while this is certainly a big pack, it’s nowhere close to what it could have been via other “enhancing” methods.

Do note that this HD Texture Pack will not work with other texture packs. As such, you won’t be able to use it with Skyrim 2020 Version 3.5 or with Septentrional Landscapes SE.

While this HD Texture Pack may not work with some other graphical enhancements, it will work with some other mods. For instance, you can use it with mods that enhance the game’s gameplay mechanics. As such, this mod that overhauls the game’s magic system will be compatible with it. Moreover, Static Mesh Improvement Mod and the Skyrim High Polygon Project may also be compatible with it.

You can download Skyrim Textures Upscaled from here. In order to showcase these new textures, the modder has also released the following screenshots. Unfortunately, though, Lurker667 has not shared any before/after comparison screenshots.


Skyrim Upscaled Textures screenshots-1Skyrim Upscaled Textures screenshots-2Skyrim Upscaled Textures screenshots-3

Skyrim Textures Upscaled (Whiterun)