Xuan-Yuan Sword VII feature 3

Latest Xuan-Yuan Sword VII Update adds New Difficulty, Boss & Challenge

DOMO Studio has released a brand new update for Xuan-Yuan Sword VII. According to the release notes, the December 2020 Update adds a new difficulty, a new boss and a new challenge.

In this new “Nightmare” Difficulty, enemies are inflicting higher damage to the player. Moreover, players will get slower when their stamina runs out. Additionally, the enemy AI and moveset got improved.

The new Boss that players can fight is called is Tundou. Tundou is a huge monster with a big mouth that can devour anything in front of it. It possesses the element of Earth and will not hold back it’s power against the player.

As always, Steam will download this patch the next time you launch its client. Below you can also find its complete changelog.

Xuan-Yuan Sword VII Patch 1.1 Release Notes

  • Add Nightmare difficulty
  • Add key-binding
  • New Boss; Tundou
  • New game +, you can use Xuan-Yaun Sword in new game +
    You can inherit some of you stats like level in new game +
  • New Martial art: Tundou
  • New Martial art: Xuan-Yuan
  • Added Boss stun effect
  • Added some of the enemies’ move set
  • Also added BGM1 and BGM2 title music
  • Added Journal notification
  • Added Fusion recipe tips
  • Also added Exhausted effect
  • Reward after you win Zhuolu chess game
  • Optimize performance
  • Adjust Talent UI
  • Optimized HUD
  • Optimized combat experience and fix some bug
  • Also optimized enemies setup
  • Optimized quest performance and walkthrough
  • Fixed the environment collision
  • Also fixed the main characters’ hair issue
  • Fixed the music issue when you skip the cutscenes of defeating Bosses