Watch Dogs The Fall of Windy City Mod

Watch Dogs gets a new mod that improves nearly every facet of its lighting system

Modder ‘Parallellines’ has released a new cool mod for the first Watch Dogs game. The Fall of Windy City is a mod that overhauls nearly every facet of Watch_Dogs’ lighting system.

According to the modder, the mod features several brand new effects, such as moon shadows. Furthermore, it packs its own unique visual style that “gives the game some much needed color while simultaneously emphasizing its darker tone.”

In theory, this mod should be compatible with the HD Texture Pack we shared last month. However, it won’t be compatible with other mods that alter the game’s lighting, such as Natural & Realistic Mod or Living City Mod.

You can download the mod from here. Below you can also find its key features, as well as a video for it.

Watch_Dogs - The Fall of Windy City Trailer

Watch Dogs – The Fall of Windy City Mod Key Features
  • City lights are now visible at morning and sunset, making the environment much more interesting to look at
  • New indirect lighting method that better illuminates and applies colors to buildings and objects
  • Over 20 new sky textures for an unprecedented level of cloud variety across four presets
  • Darker and more realistic nights which also feature moon shadows for the first time in a Watch_Dogs mod
  • Revamped twilight with dedicated sky textures and custom ambient colors
  • Improved water with colors that fit better with the rest of the environment, better reflections and larger waves
  • Reworked vegetation with better colors, shading and a new look for maple trees
  • Enhanced vehicle lights including subtler lens flares that look better from a distance and smoother cast headlights
  • All new color grading that provides significant contrast between bright, colorful days and dark, de-saturated nights
  • Real life accurate time scale with sunrise, sunset, daylight and twilight timings based on real data from fall in Chicago
  • Improved rendering with better shadow draw distance, rain and texture filtering
  • Various fixes to visual oversights in the vanilla game, such as glowing glass, mismatched lamp on/off states, broken lighting presets and more
  • Bad Blood is fully supported with no additional tweaks needed