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Ubisoft and MGM take down the GoldenEye 64 fan remake maps from Far Cry 5

Earlier this month, modder Krollywood remade and released all the maps from GoldenEye 64 in Far Cry 5 Arcade. Krollywood only used assets from Far Cry 5 in order to remake these maps so, theoretically, he did not violate any rules for modding Far Cry 5. However, Ubisoft and MGM have decided to take down these maps.

Ubisoft and MGM did not clarify the reasons why these maps were taken down. If I’d have to guess, I’d say that MGM tries to protect its James Bond IP as there is currently a new James Bond game under development.

goldeneye 64 fan remake far cry 5 notice

Now while you can’t play it, there is at least a video montage on YouTube you can watch. As you can see, these maps were fully playable and are almost identical to the original ones. The maps also  came with proper gameplay and combat mechanics, and had enemies to fight.


It’s a real shame that these maps are no longer available. So yeah, best of luck to all other Goldeneye 64 fan projects that are currently in development!