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This Fallout New Vegas Mod rewrites over 1,000 functions to improve performance and reduce load/save times

Modder ‘lStewieAl’ has released a must-have mod for Fallout New Vegas that improves performance and significantly reduces load/save times.

According to the modder, this mod rewrites over 1,000 functions in the game, improving algorithms and using the latest compilers. As such, the mod can improve in-game performance and significantly reduce load/save times.

Going into slightly more details, the modder used a profiler (Intel VTune) to find performance bottlenecks in the game’s code. lStewieAl then rewrote these bottlenecks and compiled them with various optimizations.

The modder claims that the game’s code has memory constraints due to PS3 and X360. Since the game also came out on consoles, the developers opted for slower but smaller code. As such, the mod rewrites the game code to favor faster code or better algorithms.

Ultimately, owners of weaker PC systems will be able to run this Fallout game with higher framerates. I know, I know, New Vegas is a really old game. By today’s standards, most PC gamers can brute force their way. However, we’re talking about a free performance boost. For instance, some PC gamers reported higher framerates in crowded places. And since the game uses legacy code, it will have long loading times no matter what PC system you use.

So, even if you own a high-end PC system, we highly recommend downloading this mod from here. As said, it can significantly reduce the loading/saving times which is something that a lot of New Vegas players will appreciate.

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Have fun!